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The Delay

Hey there, folks! It's been a while.

Life has been getting in the way these last couple years. We are still set on rebuilding Our Black Bear Lodge. We've just had some obstacles in the way.

With two kids in college and two older folks living at home along with 6 furry friends, time has a nasty habit of getting away from you, especially when you work full time.

Some of the obstacles included:

-Mel moving to New York City for an internship

-bouts of sickness from the grandparents

-Carlitos moving up to the University of Florida

-redoing our driveway at home (trust us, it needed some TLC)

-putting tile on the patio (it's been 10 years since we built the patio and we just put tile on it)

We're normal ordinary folk just living life and trying to set up a cabin for ourselves and all of y'all.

Thankfully, quarantine has brought us a silver lining. Both kids are home helping with the furry friends and the old folks. The most persistent of the kids, Mel, is cracking the whip. We've gotten more done with her home for a month than we have all year.

We're reapplying for the loan. We've downsized the plans a bit. We've received estimates on construction. We've started acquiring furniture for the cabin from friends and family.

All we have to do is reapply for this loan and we are good to get the ball rolling on construction.

Our hope is to have Our Black Bear Lodge done this year. It's just a hope though. You never know what life may have in store for you.

But here's to hoping for the best.

Many thanks,

The Echeniques

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