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The Plans

Designing a home away from home is no small task.

Designed by Melissa Echenique. Drafted by Craig Olson. Floor plan for the new 3-story Our Black Bear Lodge

We have been in the process of designing Our Black Bear Lodge since January 2018. Let me tell you, it has not been easy. Life has most definitely gotten in the way, and we have had to prioritize renovations in our home over our home away from home.

I'll tell you what has been easy, though. Finding inspiration for the design of the cabin has been so easy. After years of vacationing in the Smokeys and looking through website after website of a myriad of cabins, we have figured out what we love, what we don't, what works and what doesn't. It's just a matter of putting it all together in a way that works.

Front Elevation

This is what you'll see when you pull into the driveway!

We've had some plans crudely drawn up since about January, but it has been a challenge finding somebody who wouldn't charge an arm and a leg to draft a floor plan of our cabin. However, we have finally found somebody and his name is Craig Olson.

As of just a few days ago, Craig now has our preschool level floor plans and our Pinterest board filled with ideas for the cabin.

Hopefully, I will be able to post the final floor plans soon and keep y'all updated on everything that comes next.

UPDATE: Floor plans are complete.


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